Shoot. Edit. Broadcast.

Discover CTpro Mobile Video Suite, the first integrated and truly professional workflow for journalists, media and content creators designed for the iPhone.

Shoot like a pro

Shooting with CTpro is unlike other camera apps. Our low level code optimizes the raw power of the latest iPhone technology. Shoot in either 25 or 30 fps HD using either HEVC or H.264 Codecs in real-time and at a real constant frame rate. Professional features such as Zebra, color waveform, scalable vectorscope and an advanced stablizer are built in.

Edit on the go

Just finished shooting? Edit your project on the fly with CTpro’s unique editing tools. Mixing your audio for immediate distribution is a breeze. And if you want to fine tune the edit later in Final Cut Pro X, a simple USB cable connected to your iPhone will bring your entire project over at lightning speed.

A broadcast studio in your pocket

Grab a tripod, a mic and your iPhone equipped with CTpro and you’re ready to broadcast live in full TV quality. We even provide for automatic and intelligent bandwidth management as well as live playout with seamless switching between pre-recorded clips and cameras.

A simple yet complete workflow

CTpro is made by professionals for professionals. Shoot, edit and export your content within the same tool. Everything is done in accordance with TV broadcast standards. You no longer have to worry about manipulating files back and forth, or using more costly and heavier hardware. Save time and focus on the story!

Unlock your iPhone’s full potential¬†to create professional content.

CPpro mockups