The accessories presented on this page are certified compatible with CTpro. They have been tested by our teams and are available at our partners distributors.


Bam! BT transmitter.

We support this Kickstarter project, do as much! Bam! it's a Bluetooth 3.0 transmitter offering a range of 30m with all your microphones !

boitier rode sc6.jpg

Rode SC6 case.

Input / output box for smartphones and tablets with two TRRS inputs and a stereo headphone output.


Rode videomicro.

Compact microphone designed to improve the audio quality of your videos thanks to its high quality cardioid condenser capsule.

Sans titre.jpeg

Samson mic mobile.

Two-channel direct mount GMM receiver on smartphones, tablets and belt transmitter with lavalier microphone.

Sans titre3.jpeg

Wireless lapels micro.

Saramonic portable receiver with two handheld transmitters and Lav Mic kit suitable for recording field interviews.

Sans titre5.jpeg

Lightning adapter.

Adapter for connecting an XLR microphone directly to your iPhone lightning jack. Audio gain control and headphone jack.


HF pour smartphone.

Kit 2 canaux HF pour smartphone avec micro cravate Samson Go Mic mobile.

cravate ride.jpg.png

Lapel microphone.

This professional quality lapel microphone can be used plugged into the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet.


Micro Audiotechnica.

Audiotechnica ATR3350iS miniature mics microphone with omnidirectional electret quality with adapter for smartphone.


Videomic lightning.

The Rode VideoMic Me-Lightning iOS is a directional microphone designed to enhance video recordings via iPhone and Ipad.

Sans titre2.jpeg

Wireless lapel micro.

Wireless transmitter with lavalier microphone. A receiver can operate with two transmitters at the same time on two channels.

Sans titre4.jpeg

Wireless micro.

Wireless transmitter with lapel microphone and hand microphone suitable for recording interviews for TV broadcast.

Sans titre6.jpeg

Lightning adapter.

Adapter for connecting two XLR microphones directly to your iPhone lightning jack. Gain control and headphone jack.

torche litra.jpg

Litra LED torch.

Very compact LITRA LED torch with 3 power levels, water resistant up to 10 meters and 3 hours of battery life.

minette aladdin.jpg

Aladdin LED panel.

Mini LED Panel 3200K / 5600K comes with 1 x Mini USB cable for charging. 2W, 140 ° angle, IRC98 in 3200K, built-in battery.

torche manfrotto.jpg

Manfrotto LED torch.

Lumimuse 6 LED torch & accessories, black, aluminum, restistant and easily transportable with 4 power levels.


Tripod smartphone.

The PIXI Smart Manfrotto table tripod now features a universal smartphone clip with several 1/4 "screw threads.


Light tripod.

Befree Live kit with Manfrotto tripod in aluminum and ultra compact compact ball, high quality and easily transportable.


Smartphone clip.

The Manfrotto Universal Clip for Smartphone was created to attach your phone to a tripod or camera mount.


Grip handle.

Heavy-duty aluminum grip with rubber grip designed for the LitraTorch ™ with a standard 1/4 "screw, supplied with wrist strap.


Case for lenses.

IPhone case suitable for fixing optics for mobile. Available in different colors and models of iPhone.


Lens 58mm.

58mm telephoto lens suitable for smartphone. Professional quality.


Lens 25mm macro.

Macro lens 25mm suitable for smartphone. Professional quality.


Lens 18mm.

18mm wide angle lens suitable for smartphone. Professional quality without fisheye deformation.


Lens 15mm.

Fisheye lens equivalent 15mm suitable for smartphone. Professional quality.