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I have a baby/younger child as well. Do I need to pay for them?

Younger siblings under 2yrs are welcome to come along free of charge. Baby slings are handy and most places we visit are also pram accessible. Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, helpers are all welcome to come along to the sessions.

Are all six sessions held at one location?

No we move locations every couple of weeks during the term. Check the program outline for location details.

Do you offer a free trial?

No we dont offer free trials.

Can I book casual sessions or do I have to commit to the full six week term?

We dont offer casual sessions for the term program. We also do not offer credits for missed sessions. We are humans though, if you have to miss a session you can contact us and we will see if a makeup session is possible.

Do I need to purchase special clothes?

No. Clothes that can get dirty are great and gumboots are very handy, especially in Terms 2 & 3.

Do I participate in the activities with my child?

Yes! My role is that of facilitator. I organise the activities and locations and am there to set up, pack up, clean up, answer questions, encourage and offer insights and information about the natural environment we are in. Your role is to just enjoy the activties and time in nature with your child.

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